Facebook Messenger Adds iOS 10 CallKit Support

Earlier this month, Apple introduced CallKit framework with iOS 10. CallKit allows third-party apps to make their communications behave like iOS’ standard Phone app on the lockscreen with a similar set of controls. Facebook has pushed out an update to its Messenger iOS app to support CallKit.

iOS 10 CallKit: How the updated Messenger works

When you get an incoming call on Messenger, you’ll see the caller’s Messenger profile information alongside controls like a dialpad, mute, and a speakerphone toggle, instead of a basic alert banner. There are app-specific options as well, such as the ability to launch a video conversation. Once you answer the call, you are taken to the Messenger app.

If you choose to change apps during the conversation, a tappable active call banner appears at the top of the screen until you end the call. What’s more, CallKit SDK enables you to get notifications and Messenger calls through CarPlay, similar to FaceTime and conventional voice calls. Apple’s driving mode puts most of the iPhone alerts on silent unless the app is supported by CarPlay.

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Notably, Facebook Messenger doesn’t yet have a CarPlay icon and Siri support. That means you can’t initiate Messenger calls using CarPlay, though you can answer incoming calls using Messenger while driving. Facebook is expected to add full CarPlay and Siri support to Messenger in the future. WhatsApp and Viber have already integrated their apps with the iOS 10 CallKit.

It would make VoIP calls more popular

Engadget says if more third-party providers take advantage of the CallKit SDK in iOS 10, people would eventually get used to VoIP calls that behave the same as conventional cellular calls. It could hurt the products of telecom carriers.

The iOS 10 software brings many exciting new features, including an improved iMessage app that gives you access to dozens of third-party apps with the messaging platform. Other features include an updated Music app and Find My Parked Car. However, some users have complained that the iOS 10 was draining their phones’ battery life.