Apple Watch Series 2 Ejects Water Using Sound Waves

Apple recently released the Apple Watch Series 2 and introduced a number of improvements over the first generation wearable.

One of the improvements is the fact that the Apple Watch Series 2 is “swimproof.” At first glance this claim might seem unlikely, given the two obvious holes in the casing of the device for speaker grilles. Now a YouTube video shows how the wearable manages to be swimproof.

Patented technology used to expel water

During its presentation to introduce the Apple Watch Series 2, the company said that the device was able to eject water out of the speaker enclosure using sound waves. This YouTube video shows the wearable doing exactly that, and all in glorious slow motion.

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Apple recently received a patent for the technology used to expel water from the speaker grilles. This Tuesday the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released a list of 64 patents that it granted to Apple, one of which related to the “Liquid expulsion from an orifice” feature.

The patent was first filed in May 2014. It relates to a way of moving liquid out of an acoustic chamber using a prerecorded sound. Apple Insider describes the way that water is pushed out of the speaker chamber thanks to sound waves “that propagate through the acoustic channel.”

Swimproof claims tested in the wild

While this is certainly impressive, other less high-tech methods are used to boost water resistance. During a teardown of the wearable by the team at iFixit, it became obvious that the Apple Watch Series 2 makes use of far stronger adhesive in addition to more gaskets and o-rings.

If you’d just spent a fair whack on a new piece of technology you might be wary about intentionally dunking it underwater, whatever the claims of the manufacturers. However it looks like the Apple Watch Series 2 is fulfilling its promises.

A quick online search reveals that many people have taken the wearable for a swim with no ill effects. At the same time Apple is not making such strong claims about how water resistant the iPhone 7 is. It seems that waterproofing a phone is harder than a small watch.

Apple Watch Series 2 pre-order data makes for interesting reading

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been well received by buyers, perhaps thanks to important improvements to its internals. Battery life is better, the display is brighter, there’s a GPS radio and a faster processor as well.

It also appears that consumers feel strong loyalty towards the Apple wearable. Data compiled by Slice Intelligence reveals that around one-third of Apple Watch Series 2 buyers already owned the first generation smartwatch. This is impressive loyalty, which is important for brands to build a wide client base.

Slice Intelligence also reveals that millennials have replaced Gen X as the largest buyer demographic for the wearable. From September 9-12, 39% of orders were placed by millennials, up from 30% for the first generation smartwatch.

More women are also buying the Apple Watch Series 2. This time around 26% of orders were placed by women, up from 20% for the original version.

Slice Intelligence also reveals that pre-order customers were more interested in the bigger version of the Series 2. From September 9-12 around 67% of people ordered the 42mm smartwatch. Around 70% of people ordered a sport band, and black was the most common choice of band color.

If you do fancy getting your mitts on an Apple Watch Series 2, it looks like you can safely take it for a swim with you.