Apple Watch Series 2 Sales Signal Strong Consumer Loyalty

The brand new Apple Watch Series 2 has garnered praise all over. Though it looks similar to the original Apple Watch, it comes with significant internal improvements such as an improved battery, brighter display, GPS radio, a faster processor, and water resistance. Pre-order data released by Slice Intelligence show that Apple’s new smartwatch enjoys strong consumer loyalty.

Apple Watch Series 2

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One-third of Series 2 buyers had previously purchased the first Watch

Slice Intelligence analyzes millions of online transactions to look at who ordered what and when. Based on data from consumers who pre-ordered the Apple Watch Series 2 between Sept.9 and Sept.12, Slice Intelligence said about one-third of those who pre-ordered the new Watch had previously purchased the original model. The figures highlight brand loyalty, which is critical for a company to build a wider consumer base.

The analytics firm also pointed out that millennials had replaced Gen X, during the four-day period, as the largest buyer demographic. Between Sept.9 and Sept.12, about 39% of people who pre-ordered the Apple Watch Series 2 were millennials, up from 30% for the original Watch. The share of Gen X buyers declined slightly from 37% to 36%. Boomers accounted for 20% of the initial buyers, down from 26% last year.

More women are buying Apple Watch Series 2

Data showed that the percentage of women buying the Apple Watch Series 2 has gone higher. The customers still predominantly consist of men, with 74% share. But the share of women has jumped from 20% for the first Apple Watch to 26% for the latest model. The gender gap is closing fast. According to NPD Connected Intelligence, as of May 2016, 35% of adult smartwatch owners in the United States were female, up from merely 29% in January 2016.

Slice Intelligence said most pre-order customers are interested in the larger model of Series 2, similar to the trend seen last year. About 67% of people who pre-ordered the Series 2 between Sept.9 and Sept.12 opted for the 42mm version. About 70% of the buyers opted for the sport band, and black was the most popular watch band color. The Series 2 pricing starts at $369 for the 38mm model.

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