Apple Watch 2 Photos, Video Leak Hints At Bigger Battery

Apple Watch 2 Photos, Video Leak Hints At Bigger Battery
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Like all purported photos from the Apple supply chain, they need to be taken with a grain of salt. The same goes for rumors when it comes to Apple. At the end of the day, we just don’t know much until Apple chooses to show us and tell us about what is on offer. That said, I have a job to do and today that is to “report” on purported parts from the Apple Watch 2 that surfaced online today.

British shop claims Apple Watch 2 parts

A smallish British shop which sells repair parts for iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch as well as Apple-certified accessories has posted a series of photos as well as a video claiming to show repair parts for the Apple Watch 2. The shop, Byte, if the photos are to be believed has the Apple Watch 2 boasting a larger battery than the first-generation Apple Watch as well as a considerably thinner display.

Whether or not that thinner display means a thinner watch when the Apple Watch 2 is unveiled is anyone’s guess. That boils down to rumors, and again grain of salt time, that suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will have GPS, a thicker battery and a barometer which would clearly make the watch a bit thicker than the first iteration that didn’t have a barometer or GPS.

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If the photos are to be believed, the Apple Watch 2 will come equipped with a battery rated at 1.28 watt-hours, which is exactly what we saw in a separate leak last week. It’s believed/rumored that the 42mm Apple Watch 2 will then have a 334 mAh battery that is 35.7% larger than the 246 mAh battery in the original Apple Watch.

In addition to the battery and the display, the so-called “Force Touch gasket” appears to have the chip alignment that differs in the Apple Watch 2 to the original model but may still be using the same chips.

Apple Watch 2 Battery
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

But does it matter if iPhone owners don’t want the Apple Watch 2?

While I’ll be paid for an Apple Watch 2 article, will Apple get paid for unveiling the same product? In a recent survey by the mobile shopping company Branding Brand, 83% of those that presently own an iPhone said they have no interest in the Apple Watch 2.

While 39% of those surveyed suggested that they could become interested if Apple were to lower the price of the Apple Watch 2, that was overshadowed by 33% of iPhone owners who clearly said that there is “nothing” that would have their wrists adorned with the Apple Watch 2.

1,000 iPhone owners were queried for this recent survey.

While these numbers will surely give Apple some pause as the Apple Watch 2 needs an iPhone to function, it was not all doom and gloom for Apple with regards to its new offering.

Apple doesn’t release sales numbers for the Apple Watch, but Apple analyst Neil Cybart believes that the company has sold over 12 million units since it went on sale in April of last year generating $5.7 billion in revenue and that’s nothing to thumb your nose at in the analyst’s mind.

“Apple already has a $10 billion Apple Watch business on its hands,” he wrote at the beginning of the summer. “This is even before all of the significant changes in watchOS 3 were unveiled on stage at [the 2016] WWDC. Rather than pressing a reset button, Apple is systematically going through the Apple Watch business to fix friction points that developed over the first year. All of this is being done to position the Watch for improved adoption and a valuation much greater than $10 billion.”

It’s expected that we’ll see the iPhone 7 on Wednesday next week, the question is will we also see the Apple Watch 2?

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