Warren Buffett On Investing, Philanthropy And America’s Economy

Warren Buffett On Investing, Philanthropy And America’s Economy
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A discussion and Q&A with Warren Buffett. In this discussion Warren answers students question about the Fed, the economy and investing. Warrens discusses philanthropy for the first half of the video with Brain Moynihan.

How Warren Buffett Succeeded: It’s More Than Just Stock Picking

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Warren Buffett On Investing, Philanthropy And America's Economy

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
9:30 Start of Warren
10:35 Best memories of Georgetown?
12:22 What created the fascination with investing?
14:05 Coming up with the giving pledge?
18:37 Why did you chose Bill gates?
21:18 Community work
23:49 What’s happening to the economy ?
28:24 Lessons of the last couple of cycles?
30:52 What makes you most optimistic about America in the next decade?
32:39 Your favourite time to invest ?
35:41 Start of Q&A
36:19 Stock tips for students?
38:44 Are you tempted to venture into the Brazilian market?
42:17 Will derivatives cause the next financial crisis?
46:08 Lifting the middle class not just the rich?
51:25 Should the person who takes over from Ben Bernanke continue the buybacks?
54:33 The key to a great company?
1:01:29 Outro

Interview Date: September 20th, 2013
Event:Georgetown University
Location: Gaston Hall, Georgetown
Supporting document: http://bit.ly/BuffettSD
Original Image Source: http://bit.ly/Buffett3

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