Wal-Mart Data Ahead Of Q2 Earnings Call On 8/18

Wal-Mart Data Ahead Of Q2 Earnings Call On 8/18

Ahead of the Wal-Mart earnings call on 8/18, Verto Analytics would like to share a few data points and highlights. Verto provides a single-source, cross-device audience measurement solution that measures the complex behavior of today’s mobile consumer on every device, app, screen, and platform they use throughout their day. Think comScore + Nielsen + App Annie on steroids.

Wal-Mart Data Ahead Of Q2 Earnings Call

Data is current as of end July 2016:

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  • 6M users have accessed Wal-Mart services at least once during July 2016 in the US, giving Wal-Mart a 63.8% reach in the US
  • On average, 23.6M users accessed Wal-Mart services on a daily basis in July 2016, yielding a 15.0% ranking on the Verto Stickiness Index*
  • An average Wal-Mart user spends 0.7 hours per month on Wal-Mart services, with an average session duration of 3.0 minutes
  • Among primary online devices:
    • 3M users accessed Wal-Mart services on a PC, 78.4M on a smartphone, and 30.6M on a tablet
    • The average amount of time spent per user per month on Wal-Mart services on a PC is 0.6 hours, vs. 0.4 hours per month on a smartphone, and 0.5 hours on a tablet
  • 43% of Wal-Mart’s user base is male and 57% is female
  • Wal-Mart’s top brands (in terms of monthly users) include:
  • Wal-Mart
    • Monthly users: 154.9M users; Average time spent per user per month: 0.6 hours
    • Sessions per user per month: 13; Average session duration: 3.0 minutes
  • Sam’s Club
    • Monthly users: 20.1M users; Average time spent per user per month: 0.2 hours
    • Sessions per user per month: 2; Average session duration: 3.9 minutes
  • VUDU
    • Monthly users: 5.6M users; Average time spent per user per month: 0.5 hours
    • Sessions per user per month: 6; Average session duration: 4.9 minutes

Notes: U.S. Online Adult Population (ages 18+). *The Verto Stickiness Index (VSI) compares daily users with monthly users to reflect the active, loyal, and engaged part of the audience. The higher the stickiness, the bigger the share of daily users versus the monthly users is.

Additionally, please feel free to leverage the following quote from Verto’s CEO:

“Wal-Mart is still the biggest of the traditional retailers in terms of digital footprint – at 158 million monthly users (among U.S. adults, 18+), they’re not far behind Amazon. Most of their audience is engaged with Wal-Mart’s web sites or flagship app; Verto’s Stickiness Index is 15% for Wal-Mart, which is not bad – but it is not on the same level as some of the most frequently-used digital services like Snapchat, Facebook, Amazon, or eBay. A number of people still check prices and offers on Wal-Mart’s digital properties, and a smaller part of the audience (about 24 million active users) are engaged daily with Wal-Mart’s services – forms their heavy user group by our behavioral segmentation. This is the group to pay attention to in terms of Wal-Mart’s month-to-month growth: they are likely to adopt new features like in-store mobile payments, or product search and discovery features in the future. It is also notable that Wal-Mart, like many others, sees more engagement on mobile devices than on PCs. We expect the mobile-only audience to grow in the future – today, it is about 60 million monthly users for Wal-Mart. The key is how Wal-Mart innovates with their mobile products against the likes of Shopkick or Amazon – they have a recognizable brand and an incredible physical infrastructure – can they out-innovate the digital challengers by combining new technology and the legacy footprint in a unique way?”, asks Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics.

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