Trump Takes On Obama In Late-Night Twitter Action

Trump Takes On Obama In Late-Night Twitter Action
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump dismissed the latest criticisms of President Barack Obama in another late-night tweetstorm. Trump doubled his accusations of terror funding and election funding, according to Politico.

Late-night Twitter flurry

On Thursday during a press conference, Obama swiftly rejected Trump’s claim that the U.S. government’s delivery of $400 million to Iran as part of the nuclear agreement between the two countries was equivalent to a ransom. Also Obama said the Republican Party nominee should start acting like a president. Obama further called Trump’s claim that the general election was being stacked against him “ridiculous.”

As for the long-standing dispute over funding for military equipment between the two nations, the President said, “What we have is the manufacturing of outrage in a story that we disclosed in January.”

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He said the deal was not “nefarious” and that they were completely open with everyone about it, but it is interesting to him how all of a sudden this became a story again. Trump continued his claims on Thursday night despite the point-by-point rebuke from the president. The Republican nominee, who uses Twitter very often, said that Obama declines to answer the question about Iran terror funding.

“I won’t dodge questions as your President,” he added.

The New York billionaire has redundantly claimed in recent days that he has seen footage of the money delivery taking place. This contradicts the statement by his own campaign that claimed no such video existed.

Will the elections be rigged?

In addition, the 2016 presidential candidate continued to suggest that the general elections will be rigged against him. Earlier, he claimed that the Democratic primary was stacked against challenger Bernie Sanders similarly and was rigged in favor of eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

“President Obama should ask the DNC about how they rigged the election against Bernie,” Trump said on Twitter.

The comments from the Republican nominee came just hours after Obama denounced the notion of any potential election misdeeds.

He said, “Of course the election will not be rigged.”

He continued saying that it does not make any sense and that he does not think anybody would take Trump’s allegations seriously.

The unstoppable Republican nominee further censured the president’s economic and foreign policies, saying he gave them the worst economic numbers since the Great Depression and also gave them ISIS.

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