Trisha Ocona Francis: “Buying Foreclosures” | Talks @Google

Trisha Ocona Francis: “Buying Foreclosures” | Talks @Google
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Published on Aug 22, 2016
Trisha Ocona Francis speaks to the Google New York office regarding the intricacies, challenges, rewards, and dangers of investing in real estate in the New York city area. The focus of this talk is exploring the opportunities presented by foreclosures.

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0:00we are super excited to bring Tricia oh , francis back to google to speak with
0:06you guys and she may be a familiar face to some of you she actually came and did
0:10a really really great talk at Google last year which was so popular and got
0:15so many reviews that we had to have her back so we’re super excited to have her
0:19back again today for some of you guys that may not yet be familiar with with
0:24tricia I’ll tell you guys just a little bit about her so she is the CEO of real
0:29estate , LLC and she’s super active in her community
0:32she’s quickly become a go-to resource that many community members seek out
0:37when looking for advice about real estate because she has such great
0:42she’s one and been recognized by the top awards such as my one news Neyers of the
0:47week 2012 extraordinary women of brooklyn and 2014 rising star of
0:53Brooklyn also outside the walls of her own firm she’s also super active and
0:59wears many hats
1:01trisha also sits on the board of the New York State Department of real estate
1:05she’s an instructor and maker Evers College a real estate blogger for the
1:09Huffington Post business section and she’s appeared on top radio and his
1:12publications including hot 97 Street soldiers with Lisa Evers and ABC seven
1:18he ran out with Sandra Bookman so we’re super excited to have her here she’s
1:23going to share some stuff that she prepared to talk with you guys about
1:26we’re going to try to leave about ten minutes at the end for questions so you
1:30guys feel free to kind of think through anything that you’re gonna want to ask
1:32her and we can leave time for that at the end and without further ado I’ll
1:36pass it on to Trish thank you so much thank you to you and and and and even
1:41davidson terms company
1:44for putting this together for me i really appreciated thank you for having

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