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Samsung Testing Galaxy S8 Chip [REPORT]

According to the latest reports, Korean tech giant Samsung is testing the chip that it may use in the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The handset is not predicted to be launched until next year, but Samsung is already trialing its new Exynos chip. The report comes from a renowned mobile leaker based in China, according to Trusted Reviews.

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Renowned leaker provides more details on Exynos 8895

A Weibo user who goes by the name of IceUniverse says that the so-called Exynos 8895 uses a 10nm manufacturing process, which would be the first time Samsung has done so. The existing Exynos 8890 used in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 uses a 14nm process.

The move to 10nm will let Samsung pack more transistors into one chip. This would allow for better performance and power efficiency.

Samsung has reportedly achieved clock rates of 4GHz with the new chipset, although it is likely to be limited to a lower clock rate when it launches. However 4GHz is 30% faster than peak trial speeds for the Exynos 8890.

Samsung may use new chipset on Galaxy S8 smartphone

As impressive as this may be it does not mean that the new chip will offer a 30% performance boost. This is because the number refers to clock cycles achieved in a certain time, not the amount of instructions that are processed in one cycle.

Performance relies more on instructions per cycle than clock rate. Processor manufacturers tend to choose between low clock rate, high instructions per cycle units, or high clock rate, low instructions per cycle units.

Opinion is split on which is best, but Intel has seen great recent success with its focus on high numbers of instructions per cycle. For a number of years Intel lost out to main rival AMD, but the tables have turned of late.

To return to the question of the Exynos 8895, this is not the first rumor we have heard about it. In July a chip of the same name was spotted on Indian import/export tracking site Zauba.

It is thought that Samsung will introduce the new chip next year, potentially on the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The handset is expected to launch at Mobile World Congress 2017.