Samsung Gear S3 To Include Sensors For Outdoor Types [RUMOR]

Samsung will reportedly include a number of sensors that will make the upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch more attractive to customers who enjoy an active lifestyle.

According to the latest rumors, the Korean tech giant will pack features like integrated GPS, an altimeter, a speedometer and a barometer into the next generation smartwatch, writes Mihai A for Phone Arena.

New features perfect for active users

Arguably the most important of the rumored features is the integrated GPS chip, which would let users track their location even without a smartphone connected to their Gear S3. The GPS is also rumored to play an important role in the functioning of the speedometer.

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Should the rumor be true, the Samsung Gear S3 will be a great device for fitness lovers. The smartwatch would be able to tell users current and average speed, total time and total distance for a given activity.

A log of this data is then produced so that users can track their performance and use the information to fine tune their training program. The inclusion of an altimeter would allow wearers to check their altitude, display current altitude on screen and produce an altitude graph later.

Samsung Gear S3 predicted to be unveiled next month

The last rumored addition is the barometer, which would measure and display atmospheric pressure as well as assisting the function of the altimeter. Additionally the barometer will apparently send a warning if pressure drops by at least 4hPa occurs in less than three hours.

Commentators have predicted that Samsung will unveil the Gear S3 at IFA 2016 in Berlin, sticking to its normal launch cycle for smartwatches. In terms of its design, the Gear S3 will reportedly maintain the round design of the Gear S2 as well as its rotating bezel.

While the Samsung Gear S2 has been well-received by smartwatch fans, the problem is that the device just isn’t an essential for normal consumers. This is the same problem that has affected the Apple Watch, and every other device in the wearables market.

Targeting active smartwatch fans

Samsung could make the Gear S3 a great option for outdoor enthusiasts with the addition of the aforementioned sensors. That is, of course, assuming that the company maintains its high standards of build quality, performance and battery life that users have become used to with the Gear S2.

Currently those users that are looking to monitor their fitness-related activity will settle for fitness bands, which record more data and last far longer without charging. Samsung could be attempting to attract some of these users to buy a smartwatch with these new features.

Wearables have remained appealing to a relatively small section of society, normally tech fans and early adopters. The fact of the matter is that smartwatches are not essential devices for normal users, who are more than happy to live with their smartphone.

The challenge for wearables manufacturers is to make the devices a modern essential. While that day seems a long way off, Samsung may at least be trying to attract new smartwatch buyers away from fitness bands.

The company has also unveiled its Galaxy Note 7 flagship smartphone on August 2, and it will be interesting to see if any changes are made to the way in which the handset interacts with the Gear S3 smartwatch when it is released.