Russian Woman Says Pokemon Go Character Raped Her

Reports emanating from Russia suggest that a woman says she has been raped by a Pokemon Go.

The woman says that she was raped in her apartment in Moscow, blaming the attack on a Pokemon Go character, runs a story in The Metro. According to Russian news website Bloknot, the woman had been playing Pokemon Go before she went to sleep.

Woman accuses Pokemon of Moscow rape

The report says that she later woke up to find a large Pokemon on top of her. She says it was sexually assaulting her but then disappeared after she got out of bed.

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However she later checked the app, which showed that the character was on her bed. The woman told her husband, but he told her to see a psychiatrist as he didn’t believe anything had happened.

“She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO,” said friend Ivan Makarov.

Husband suggests appointment with psychiatrist

Local police reportedly did not believe her story, and the woman later booked an appointment with a psychiatrist. There have been plenty of strange stories surrounding Pokemon Go, but this has to be one of the weirdest.

The augmented reality smartphone game has become a massive sensation since its launch in July. Crowds of people can be seen playing the game in the streets, exploring the physical environment in search of augmented reality creatures.

Whether it is tales of people falling into lakes and rivers or crashing their cars in search of Pokemon, people have gone crazy over the game. The introduction of augmented reality games could have a massive effect on the video game market.

There is now plenty of chatter that the new Nintendo NX console will have augmented reality capabilities. Bringing virtual characters into the real world gives game makers a whole new range of possibilities, and certainly seems to have captured the imagination of gamers.

Here’s hoping that there are plenty more augmented reality titles in the coming years. Hopefully the Russian lady in question gets the help she needs as well.