Some Think Prisma Is An Illuminati App

Some Think Prisma Is An Illuminati App
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The Prisma app has shot to prominence as social media users fawn over its machine-learning filters which turn normal filters into works of art.

However it appears that not everyone is as pleased with the app. Some people in Pakistan believe that there is a Prisma Illuminati connection.

Photo filter app apparently linked to secret society

The photo-filter app was released for iOS first, before its recent release for Android brought millions more users online. Since then an increasing number of people have been pointing out the app’s apparent relation with the Iluminati, one of the oldest “secret” societies in the world. Is the Prisma Illuminati taking over the world?

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“Prisma app or the eye of Satan?” says the news report from Samaa TV. “The question is, the app’s triangle as well as the six letters in the word ‘Prisma’, all point to the Satan.”

However the question remains as to why people believe that Prisma is related to the Illuminati. First off it is thought that the secret society uses the triangle as its symbol for an “all-seeing eye.” The number 6 is also associated with the group, and is thought to be the number of the devil.

Prisma Illuminati connection sparks calls for boycott

Certain groups of people believe that the Iluminati hide their symbols everywhere. Prisma has a triangle shape as its icon, and of course features 6 letters in its name. This combination has led some people to decry the app’s links to the secret society, and some Pakistanis have urged users to “boycott this Jewish product” or delete the app.

Aside from the apparent Illuminati links, Prisma is an amazing app that applies filters to your photos using machine-learning algorithms. It uses the cloud to make your photos look as though they were painted by one of a number of distinguished artists.

Users have not reported any problems with Prisma, and it should be left up to you whether you think it is related to the Illuminati. The problem with these conspiracy theories is that triangles and the number 6 are very commonly used, and are often used completely innocently. The app has a good security record, so that’s all we know for now.

Video editing coming soon to Prisma

The app does not ask for any special permissions when you download it, and there doesn’t seem to be anything strange about it. However the internet loves a conspiracy theory, and the Illuminati are a favorite of theorists around the world.

Following the success of its photo-filter app, Prisma is also working on adding video editing capacity. However the company has to ensure that its servers can handle the increased workload associated with video over photo work. It is important to remember that the company previously suffered issues with its servers due to the incredibly high amount of users.

Given the fact that the company uses the cloud to carry out most of its processing, infrastructure is crucial. Prisma is competing with other smartphone apps such as Google’s Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express, and it will be interesting to see how the app makes money from a free download app.

Of course this might not be a consideration if the Prisma Illuminati theory takes off and inspires people to boycott the app. However something tells me that is unlikely to happen.

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