Pokemon Go: How To Change Your Team [Guide]

Pokemon Go: How To Change Your Team [Guide]
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When players of the augmented reality game Pokemon Go passes level 5, they can choose a team to join. When selecting a team, players get a warning telling them that they will not be able to change teams once they have been assigned to their first choice.

Pokemon Go teams

As with all games, there are people who for one reason or another are always looking for ways to get around such stumbling blocks. Fortunately, thanks to that kind of individual, there is a way for Pokemon Go players to transfer to a different team if they don’t like the one they have joined.

While the predominant reason for playing Pokemon Go is to catch Pokemon, the recent addition of teams has made the game more enjoyable for players all over the world. The developer, Niantic, isn’t saying  much, but it is clear that it has big plans for this new feature in the future.

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How to change teams

Now for the disappointment: this is not a hacking tutorial. Instead, you have to embark on a simple task of persuasion. What I mean by this is that you have to contact Niantic and ask them to allow you to change teams! Now before you think, “That will never happen,” other players have done this and told Niantic that they chose their current team by accident.

However, Niantic would only consider doing a team change if the gamer’s trainer level is low and no previous request has been made. So the advice here is to ensure you really want to be on a particular team before you join it. As for how long it takes, according to some Reddit users, the process is slow, but it is currently the only way to change teams.

There may be cheats and hacks out there that would make changing teams possible as well; however, it is possible and even likely that all of your progress would be lost when using solutions like that. So if you want to keep your trainer level and you’ve joined the wrong side, why not give this a go and join the team you want?

Please use the comment section below and share any tips you may have and your experience of this process. In the meantime, we will continue to look for a viable option that will speed up the process but retains a player’s level and other attributes.

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