Nintendo NX To Let You Share Gameplay On Social Media

Nintendo NX To Let You Share Gameplay On Social Media
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Nintendo NX unveiling is just a few weeks away. Rumors suggest that the Japanese company would announce its newest gaming console at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 next month. The rumor mill keeps churning out details about the console ahead of the official unveiling. A new report claims that the NX will have a social ‘Share’ button that will let gamers stream and upload images and videos to Miiverse, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube quickly.

New console said to have a split D-Pad

Sources told Let’s Play Video Games (LPVG) that the upcoming console will have a split D-Pad and share button similar to Sony’s PlayStation 4. It indicates that Nintendo is finally going to embrace the world of streaming in a big way. LPVG is the same publication that a few days ago revealed that Nintendo NX will have detachable controllers with motion sensor and an advanced vibration force feedback technology.

The social share button – denoted by a camera icon – will be placed on the left side of the screen, while the home button is on the right side. The share button will also allow users to save videos and photos to external memory devices. The split D-Pad will be similar to that on the DualShock 4. Nintendo has traditionally used solid D-Pads on its hardware. It’s still unclear why the company is switching to a split D-Pad.

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Nintendo NX to be powered by Tegra X2

Nintendo NX is said to be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1 processor that already powers the Shield Android TV console and the Google Pixel C tablet. But Tegra X1 is more than a year old. More recent rumors suggest that the NX could use Tegra X2 processor. Nintendo NX will hit the store shelves in March 2017, though it was previously expected to go for sale in 2016 itself.

Nintendo America head Reggie Fils Aime recently said that the company has to get the software planning right to avoid the mistakes Nintendo made with the Wii U.


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