Is Pokemon Go Down? Here’s How To Find Out

Is Pokemon Go Down? Here’s How To Find Out
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Have you been experiencing problems logging into Pokemon GO? If you have, the problem is not caused by your smartphone or tablet; it is, in fact, an issue that has plagued the augmented reality game since it was launched. The reasons behind the problem can be caused by a couple of different external sources, such as the game’s servers not being able to cope with demand or if you are not located in a 4G area.

How to find out if the servers are down

If you’re out and about hunting Pokemon when the game fails to let you log in, the easiest solution would be to find something else to do and wait until the servers come back online. However, if you like to be proactive and understand why the game won’t allow you to play, there are a few websites that can tell you what the problem is.

Pokemon Go Server Status Up or Down
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Set up just for the purpose of informing Pokemon GO players if the game servers are down or not is the website New-York-based Datadog created this website, which monitors the game servers and provides a regularly updated status page. However, currently the site only works for players in the U.S. and Europe.

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Downdetector Pokemon Go
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Downdetector is another website that offers pretty much the same service as the previous one. However, it goes a step further and provides additional information in the form of how often they have been able to make a connection and how often players have been able to log in. There is also a comments section where you and other players can have your say on such matters.

Pokemon Go Server Status Website
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Pokemon GO Server Status

As this solution’s name suggests, it gives you straightforward details on how long it currently takes to log in, plus how long the game servers have been online in the past 24 hours. However, this one is a little unique as it also gives details for the Pokemon Trainer Club.

MMO Server Status Pokemon Go
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MMO server status

MMO Server Status is yet another that offers a service similar to those above. However, it provides many more details than the others combined and will show you how long it takes to log on to the Pokemon GO servers in up to 36 different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and Austria.

Highlighting the countries in blue for “OK” and green for “servers down,” the site quickly informs you as to which places in the world are experiencing issues with the game. Furthermore, if you click on the numbers that denote how long a server has been down, you can gain more information.

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