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iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 May Float While Charging [REPORT]

The iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 might come with chargers that will enable them to defy gravity while charging and float in midair. This will be made possible by a new Kickstarter project for the OvRcharge charger, a very intriguing prospect, though somewhat gimmicky.

How the OvRcharge works

At first glance, the OvRcharge seems like a stand made out of a solid block of wood, but in reality, it is an advanced charging station. It is accompanied by a phone case enabling users to place their phones into a suspended position a few inches above the station. This causes the device to enter a controlled spin that helps heighten the “Jedi powers” effect.

The phone remains suspended because of “magnetic levitation,” while for charging without the need of physical contact, OvRcharge uses induction charging. The OvRcharge project has a Kickstarter goal of C$40,000, and currently, it is within C$1,000 of that goal with 13 days still remaining, thus, full funding seems likely. The OvRcharge kit costs $239, and it bundles into one charge case.

The charger is compatible with a huge range of devices that includes not just iPhones such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and newer but also the latest handsets from manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony and LG as well. The OvRcharge could be the future of smartphone charging, and who knows? We may have our Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8 floating above our bedside tables while charging.

Expected specs for the iPhone 8, Galaxy S8

Apart from wireless charging, there are other major changes expected in the upcoming iPhone 8. The device is expected to have larger area of its face covered with an OLED display, compared to the current models. Also there may not be a home button. The device will likely feature enhanced haptic feedback, and the camera is expected to be improved as well.

The company has been working on tech that would enable it to remove the home button and place the Touch ID fingerprint scanner beneath a device’s display. This would make it possible for the screen to occupy a larger portion of the phone’s face. Also a new haptic engine will provide better feedback in place of button presses.

The upcoming Galaxy S8 could come with a feature that’s similar to Apple’s Force Touch and 3D Touch. In accordance with the amount of finger pressure applied, different options are displayed on the handset. The Galaxy S8 could also come with a superior touch finger sensor at the home button.

This feature helps a great deal when unlocking the phone and also when there is a need to log into mobile banking and other websites. Also it is helpful in using Samsung Pay. The device could feature a toughened glass that would make the phone more durable and resistant to damage. The phone could hit Asian markets in the first week of April 2017, while it could be available in Europe and the U.S. by mid-April.

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