iPad Pro 2 Features, Price And Launch Date [RUMOR]

iPad Pro 2 Features, Price And Launch Date [RUMOR]
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The next iteration of the iPad Pro 2 could be coming soon — if you believe what the rumors are saying. The current model has been around for less than a year now, so it’s possible Apple will announce it at this year’s iPhone 7 event on September 7. However, there’s nothing official, and we could have to wait longer. So while you wait to see what happens, here’s everything you can expect from this year’s update.

The iPad Pro 2

With the previous two models of the iPad Pro, we have one with a massive 12.9-inch display that was launched in September 2015 and the newest of the two, the 9.7-inch variant that hit stores in March. Whether Apple decides to continue with these models or replace them entirely is yet another unknown factor. For that answer, we will just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed, early next month we will have an answer. However, many think Apple will wait until the fourth quarter of the year to announce the new iPad Pro 2.

Here’s a list of the features we believe Apple will include in the next iPad Pro 2, plus how much you could have to pay for one.

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10.5-inch iPad

There are rumors which suggest that Apple may not announce an iPad Pro 2 at all this year. Instead, it could be a 10.5-inch variant of the existing iPad model.

According to well-known industry analyst Ming-Cho Kuo, who recently spoke to Mac Rumors, there will be three sizes of the iPad Pro by the end of the year. As we already know of two, the third could well be the rumored 10.5-inch version.

iPad Pro 2 Mini?

It used to be that the word “Pro” was linked or referred to the size of the iPad, but it seems as though Apple has decided to stick the label onto anything it sees fit. Apple has released smaller iPads before, and if rumors are correct, it could do it again in the form of an iPad Pro 2 Mini.

So could we be about to see a sub-8-inch iPad Pro instead of an altogether newer model? I doubt it would surprise many if Apple announced one.

Faster chipset

Whatever happens this year, whether we get a slight upgrade or a completely new iPad Pro 2, it is highly likely that Apple will include a new chipset, making the new iPad variant much faster than previous models.

According to reports, the iPad Pro 2 could feature an A10X 10nm processor instead of the older A9X chipset. This would give any new tablet a real boost in performance compared to its predecessor.

Improved camera

If Apple does announce an iPad Pro 2 this year, it goes without saying that not only will it see improved processor performance, but it will also get an improved camera. As for what needs to be improved upon, the original iPad Pro had an 8-megapixel rear camera with a 1.2-megapixel front-facing selfie camera.

As far as keeping its own devices updated to the highest standards, I believe Apple has a mixed past, especially where the iPhone is concerned. But with the iPad, the camera is one area that needs a boost, so it’s not hard to assume an upgrade to something like a 12-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear snapper could be likely. Will Apple include 4K video recording or playback? I personally would not count anything out at this point!

iPad Pro 2 price

As with everything Apple, it is remaining tight-lipped on every aspect of the iPad Pro 2, so nothing is yet officially known about the price. However, there is a back catalog of pricing structure to fall back on, which means an educated guess can be made about the price.

As it stands right now, the basic Wi-Fi, 32GB version of the 12.9-inch variant will set you back $799. With 128GB of storage, it’s $949, and for 256GB, it’s $1,099! Personally, I cannot see Apple changing this pricing structure, although there is a chance that we could see the base storage capacity raised to 64GB, and if you want access to 4G connectivity you’re probably looking at another $100+ on top of each price point.

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