iOS 10 Beta 5: What Are The New Features?

iOS 10 Beta 5: What Are The New Features?

Apple has now released the fifth beta of iOS 10 for developers, and users of the public beta will soon be able to get their hands on the same version. A lot less has changed with iOS 10 beta 5 than it did with beta 4 and 3, most likely because the final version is due for release in September.

iOS 10 beta 5: an OTA update

This latest beta will arrive on your iPhone as an over-the-air-update (OTA) and is downloadable by those who have been using the previous betas or those who have the two configuration files public or developer. At the moment, this new beta still has some of the bugs seen in the previous versions, but there have been some fixes made.

Photos app

If you like to play around with the Photos app, you may have discovered that the new facial recognition feature lets you group images based on faces. However, if you have been arranging files on your iOS device in lists of groups, I’m sorry to say that this option is going to disappear. This is because beta 5 will now scan through folders as iOS did previously and rearrange what it finds.

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Smart battery case bug fixed

Do you own a Smart Battery case for the iPhone 6s? After the last update, you may have noticed that it started to behave strangely, but beta 5 has now corrected that issue. You should be able to use the case again with no problems.

New lock sound

Beta 5 replaces the old iOS 9 clicking lock sound with the noise of a closing door. However, I think it would have been better to give users a choice.

Control Center icon update

Some slight tweaks have also been given to the output icon in the Control Center, plus the Music app and a few other locations in iOS 10.

New feature videos

Both 9to5 Mac and MacRumors have put together videos which dig through the latest changes made in iOS 10 beta 5. Both videos are included below for you to watch.



Final thoughts

If you take a look through the changes above, it is evident that the iOS 10 beta 5 developer edition is functionally the same as the iOS 10 public beta 4, apart from a few of what can be considered to be housekeeping changes and minor tweaks. However, it is likely that hidden behind the scenes there are more changes which no one has yet managed to discover.

Have you already, or do you plan to try out iOS 10 beta 5? Share with us your opinion on what the most important changes are and what you feel Apple has so far missed out on in iOS 10.

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