How To Fix Pokemon Go “GPS Signal Not Found” Error

How To Fix Pokemon Go “GPS Signal Not Found” Error
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Pokemon Go is such an addictive game that even small hiccups seem frustrating like hell. It feels even worse when the backbone of the game – the GPS location data – doesn’t work properly for some reason. The augmented reality game requires a strong Internet connection as well as GPS location data, but sometimes users experience problems with the GPS location.

Pokemon Go: 5 ways to fix the error

Niantic has been busy trying to fix all the different kinds of bugs and issues since the release of the Pokemon Go, but the developer is yet to address some issues. Sometimes the Pokemon Go fails to access your GPS location data and serves the “GPS signal not found” error. How can you get the app to confirm your location so you can start catching ’em all again?

Well, here are a few quick and easy tricks that could fix the error on both Android and iOS devices:

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  1. Try to step outside: If you are indoors, go outdoor and wait for the error to go away. Users reported that remaining outside for 30-60 seconds brings the GPS back online.
  2. Turn on WiFi: Are you getting the error even when you are outdoors? Make sure that your phone’s WiFi is enabled, even if there is no WiFi network to connect to. Both Android and iOS use WiFi mapping to pinpoint your location.
  3. Is your GPS turned on? If not, the iPhone users can enable it by going to Settings > Privacy > Location services. Android users can go to Settings > Location. Once you’ve turned it on, don’t forget to select High Accuracy mode (GPS, WiFi and mobile networks) in Settings > Location > Location mode.
  4. Leaving Google Maps on in the background: Some iPhone users claimed that opening the Google Maps and then going to the Pokemon Go app somehow fixed the issue.
  5. What if none of these works? In that case, just turn your phone off and turn it back on. Many users reported that doing so was all it took to fix the issue.

If you are still getting the error, it may be a problem with Niantic’s servers. A large number of people are playing the game at any given point, so Niantic’s servers go down quite often.

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