Facebook Inc (FB) Testing Videos With Autoplay Sound

Facebook Inc (FB) Testing Videos With Autoplay Sound
Photo by geralt (Pixabay)

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is re-creating itself as a video platform, as part of which it is trying several new things. The next step it is taking is testing auto-play videos in news feeds with sound and observing users’ reactions to them, reports Mashable.

Testing videos with sound

Starting Tuesday, some users will find auto-play on all types of videos, be it ads or Facebook Live. There are two versions of the test. In the first, sound plays immediately at the beginning of the video, while in the other, the user will be able to turn sound on during the test session using an icon at the bottom of the videos, the report says.

A pop-up message will appear on the screen in the both cases guiding them on how the controls are to be used. There will also be an option in the Facebook settings with which the sound can be set to “always off.”

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