Conversation With A Gold Veteran

Conversation With A Gold Veteran
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Conversation With A Gold Veteran by Chris

Larry Scharf is a senior vice president of investments at Raymond James in Connecticut. One of Larry’s favourite markets – and one which he’s been studying and investing in for over 30 years – is the gold market.

I met Larry over 2 years ago when he became a client of mine and his insights into the gold market are most definitely worth your time.

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Today I’ve got for you a conversation I recorded last week with Larry.  You’ll want to hear it, given that the financial house of cards is creaking and groaning with ever increasing stress while geopolitical tensions – as discussed a few weeks ago and again last week – are increasingly favourable towards gold.

Here’s just a few topics that Larry and I have covered:

  • Where are we likely at in the gold cycle?
  • Bullion vs. mining stocks – how to size your investment positions?
  • A little known fact about Russian and Chinese buying of gold.
  • How can we be so certain that “the big money” hasn’t even touched mining stocks yet?
  • The relationship between the dollar and gold
  • And more…

For anyone who wants to connect directly with Larry you can reach him by email or by phone on 203-635-5409.

– Chris

“You have to try to put as many dots together as you can. And when you see enough of them line up you make your bet.” — Larry Scharf

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