Commodity hedge funds have had a record first half, but it’s unlikely the second half will see the same kind of performance, that’s according to Barclays’ commodities research analyst Kevin Norris.


commodity photo
Photo by Lucky2013, Pixbay

Commodity funds have reported record inflows this year. Inflows into commodities now total $51 billion year-to-date the strongest since 2009 (only by $1 billion) when commodity assets were at the start of a three-year boom.

Taking Stock Of The Commodities Rally

However, while every month so far this year has seen inflows into commodity investments overall, flows slowed during July as it seems that investors are now looking to take profits. Norris makes the point that much of the investor demand for commodities this year has been tactical, and unless the asset class continues to generate strong returns in the second half, outflows could resume.

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