Business Women Who Broke the Mould [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business Women Who Broke the Mould [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 26th 2016 marks 72 years since women were legally allowed to vote in the US. It’s heralded as Women’s Equality Day and was a significant turning point in the history of the struggle for equal treatment of women and women’s rights. Yet, women still face inequality in the work place across the world, such as the gender pay gap and sexual harassment.

For many, these barriers have been detrimental to their careers and it’s vital that organisations put in place processes to deal with these issues, as it will most certainly determine how our society progresses. Some women however, are so determined and driven that nothing can stop them. They have crashed through barriers, smashed through glass ceilings and succeeded in areas and industries where men have traditionally been at the top of the ladder.

This infographic covers the state of inequality in the workplace and celebrates those women who have truly broken the mould through their stellar careers. This includes facts about the current landscape of women in the workplace, including gender equality and the pay gap.

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There are many incredible businesswomen we could have highlighted in this piece. But what all of these women have in common is business acumen, personal strength and an awe inspiring desire to succeed. They have also all made an outstanding contribution not just to women in business but to the industries they have succeeded in, forging paths that have made things a little bit easier for those who follow. To highlight how impressive these ladies are, we’ve included some lesser known information about the women we’ve chosen to profile. It might surprise you to know the hardships some of them have faced.

If you’re intrigued and searching for some inspiration, then look no further than these business women who broke the mould.

Business Women Who Broke the Mould

Business Women Who Broke the Mould Infographic

Infographic source: euroffice

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