How BlackBerry Ltd Helped Achieve Weight Loss Goals

How BlackBerry Ltd Helped Achieve Weight Loss Goals
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BlackBerry phones may not be doing well, but they are quite useful for various things. Recently Ryan Blundell disclosed how his BlackBerry helped him achieve his weight loss goals. In a blog post, Blundell said he did not want any health issues anymore, so he decided to do things differently this time around to lose weight.

How BlackBerry helped track diet

Blundell writes that a few years ago, he decided to start his weight loss journey with his wife. For him and his wife, one of the biggest obstacles besides the lack of motivation was a possible mobile addiction. He found different ways to make peace with this, and soon he found relief with his new BlackBerry, which was not only a source of entertainment and distraction but also a companion that has whole-life productivity tools.

With their newfound drive to get healthy, mobile communication took on a whole new meaning. His Priv and BlackBerry Z30 helped him stay on track with his exercise programs and diet. Their smartphone calendars were quickly filled with their meal plans and ingredients written in notes to make sure they had everything they needed. Also Blundell notes that they would use their Groceries Shopping List to make sure that they were in sync with what they were shopping for.

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Blundell says he could see the benefit of the camera of his BlackBerry after taking quick snapshots of his meal. He writes that the camera probably helped him in being more responsible and maintaining healthy portions and choices. In addition, BlackBerry Hub made it easy for him to text, email, or send BBM pictures of their meals to their trainer, who “constructively critiques” them. Also he used the Calorie Counter Macros from the Google Play store to track how much protein, carbohydrates and fat he ate.

Smartphone-based exercise and workouts

Blundell says his trainer connected with him and his wife directly through text message or through her Facebook group. He was able to simply type his response on his Z30 when their conversations became more frequent.

His trainer sent him workouts to tackle at home when he did not go to the gym. Blundell tells in his blog post that they used their BlackBerry devices’ photo gallery to see how the exercises were done and used the timer to ensure that they were doing each exercise for the right amount of time. Also for music, they would use SoundCloud, Spotify or even FM Radio to motivate them.

“The only thing I dare not use my BlackBerry for is a scale; I don’t want to crack the screen. My BlackBerry takes away the excuse that I don’t have time to eat properly or exercise. I do more, accomplish more, with my device, and I spend less time on it,” Blundell says.

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