Five Best Free iPhone Games: Check Them Out

Five Best Free iPhone Games: Check Them Out
Image Credit: Null2 Berlin / iTunes

Ask any iPhone or iPad user what the best free iOS game is, and most of them are going to say it’s Pokemon Go. Undoubtedly, Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world by storm. But you may start losing interest in it if you play the same game every day. There is credible evidence that the popularity of Pokemon Go has started declining in the United States. Here are the best free iPhone games in no particular order (excluding Pokemon Go) that you can download:

1- AGRAV: Inertial Orbit

Developed by null2 Berlin, this game was designed to improve your wit and wisdom. It’s an offbeat game, and you’ll love it if you are a physics enthusiast. Once you master AGRAV, you’ll be pushing beyond the ordinary lines to carve out arcs, beat time limits and avoid obstacles. Download here.

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2- Battle Golf


This one is for golf lovers. Battle Golf is real fun when you play it in the same-device two-player mode, i.e. with your friends. Though the game is free to download, it contains ads – though the ads are unobtrusive. Download here.

3- Alphabear

Image Credit: Spry Fox / iTunes
Image Credit: Spry Fox / iTunes

It’s a word puzzle game developed by Spry Fox, the developer behind the game Triple Town. It’s ridiculously easy to get into, and it features bears. You spell words by selecting letters on a board. You tap out a word and the space taken by letters gets replaced by bears. The more letters you use, the bigger a bear gets. The bears you’ve used can be used as powerups in the future games. Download here.

4- Asphalt 8: Airborne

How can Asphalt 8 not be in a list of top iPhone games? This racing game has been downloaded more than 200 million times. If you like ultra-thriller racing games, you should try this one. Asphalt 8 gives you plenty of options with 40 high-speed tracks and 140 speed machines. Download here.

5- Beneath The Lighthouse

Nitrome / iTunes
Nitrome / iTunes

Beneath The Lighthouse is a puzzle action game about a rotund boy in search of his lost Grandpa. Through a combination of brainpower and deft finger-work, you can safely make your way into the depths of the lighthouse. Download here.


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