Here’s What An Apple iRobot Might Look Like [Concept]

Here’s What An Apple iRobot Might Look Like [Concept]
Image Credit: Curved / YouTube video

Earlier this year, Apple hired world-renowned robotics expert Yoky Matsuoka to beef up its expertise in robotics. Matsuoka is known for developing a prosthetic human hand that could be potentially controlled by nerve signals transmitted through a person’s body. Her hiring fueled speculations that Apple could be planning something big in robotics, probably an iRobot?

It has a built-in vacuum cleaner

It’s still unclear whether Apple is working on an iRobot, but what would it look like if Apple indeed came up with an intelligent robot? That’s what folks at the YouTube channel Curved tried to imagine. Curved came up with a cool iRobot concept called iRis (it’s the reverse of Siri, in case you couldn’t figure it out). The concept is based on the Mac G4 design.

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The iRis sports a small LCD display at the top of the main orb. The robot looks and moves pretty much like the popular Sphere BB-8 Droid toy in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The robot has built-in Beats audio speakers, a vacuum cleaner and a laser pointer. It can also live broadcast all that it sees. Such a robot would require a high level of intelligence.

Apple iRobot
Image Credit: Curved / YouTube video

Will Apple launch an iRobot?

Curved said users can use Siri to control the device through voice commands. It can also be integrated with HomeKit. What’s more, the iRis can check the local weather, remind you of upcoming appointments, and contact your family and friends. All in all, it looks like a useful robot, if only it were real.

Apple has reportedly been beefing up its artificial intelligence team to build a self-driving electric car that could revolutionize the automobile industry. The tech giant is exploring new avenues for growth as the iPhone sales have started declining. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple launches a robotic personal assistant similar to the iRis concept in the near future.

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