Airbnb Raising $850m Round At $30b Val

Airbnb Raising $850m Round At $30b Val by PitchBook

Airbnb is reportedly in the midst of raising a $850 million round that values the company at $30 billion. If the financing closes on the full amount, it would bring Airbnb’s total raised to date to roughly $3.4 billion, and that’s not including the $1 billion in debt collected in June. The company’s last equity funding was a massive $1.6 billion fundraise last year.

It’s hard to imagine Airbnb has been able to burn through the entirety of its last round already, so this $850 million seems more opportunistic than anything. What may be concerning to the company’s early investors is that this will undoubtedly push out any IPO plans. Airbnb is often included in companies that may be thinking about a public offering soon, but with refilled coffers, and most likely money left over from last year, there’s really no rush.

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