The Law is the Law, Unless You’re an “Elite”

The title says it all. The law is supposed to be the law. We as everyday citizens are told to live our lives by these laws, to operate within them, and if we step outside of these boundaries created for us, then there will be consequences. Well, that’s how we live – but not the elite.

The elite lives by another set of laws. Sure, they have a code of conduct among themselves; yet, the laws that you and I live by in many cases simply do not apply to them. We have seen this time and time again throughout history. The rich get a free pass for doing horrendous or highly negligent acts – things that would land any average citizen behind bars, or worse.

Hillary Clinton just so happens to be a part of this club. FBI Director Comey, in a recent press conference, gave her the green light on her illegal use of using a private email server from her private residence when she was the Secretary of Defense, one of the highest ranking officials in the United States.

This is a position that, more than anyone, you are supposed to know what is right or wrong. You are supposed to be operating with the utmost security to protect classified documents and information that could lead to the harm of your citizens and your country. Hillary Clinton, by doing what she did, threw caution to the wind and stated the obvious – “I am above the law.”

Sadly, this has proven to be the truth. Anyone else would be convicted, charged, and sitting behind bars. The elite has overplayed their hand in this scenario. They have pulled back the curtain and spit in the faces of the American people, exposing to all how there is a dual system of laws: one for them, and one for the everyday men and women of the United States.

A precedent has now been set, and lawlessness will run amuck in the highest branches of the U.S. government. More so than even now exists, if that is even possible.

For the everyday person, if this does not shock you out of your coma, and make you see the world for how it truly is, run by the elite for their profit and our detriment, then I don’t know what ever will.

Fortunately, I believe that more and more people are waking up, faster than ever in history. The trend towards shunning the elite and breaking away from their control, as seen with the recent success via Brexit, is going to continue. For our sake and for the sake of the still-ignorant masses, let’s hope that it does.


The Law is the Law, Unless You're an "Elite"
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