Tesla Offering RHD Model X In New Markets

Tesla Offering RHD Model X In New Markets
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Tesla has begun taking orders for the Right-Hand Drive (RHD) Model X in Hong Kong, hinting at the version of the car getting closer to full production and possibly, new market introductions. The electric car making giant has opened its configuration system for the Model X in its main RHD markets, reports Electrek. It was already available in the U.K. and Australia, and now it has started taking orders in Hong Kong.

Focus on RHD markets

Tesla is projecting deliveries in “late 2016” in most markets, while it is starting deliveries in LHD markets in China and Europe now. The EV firm delivered 4,625 Model X SUVs during the last quarter but produced many more because it increased production during the last few weeks of the month. However, several vehicles are still in transit, resulting in a record-high vehicle in-transit number of 5,150 units.

The introduction of the Model X in Hong Kong will mark the last Model X “Founders series” delivery as well. The automaker was giving away the limited edition Model X to the top referrers in each region (Europe, Asia, and North America) in a previous round of its referral program.

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Earlier this month, the automaker delivered vehicles to Bjorn Nyland and Sylvain Juteau, the leaders of the North American and European leaderboards, respectively, but the electric car making giant has yet to deliver the Model X to the leader in Asia and the top referrer on the overall leaderboard, known as Wei, who managed to get an incredible 188 referrals during the program round.

Over the weekend, Wei received the request from Tesla to configure his Model X and sent the company a copy, says Electrek.

Hong Kong an important market for Tesla

Earlier this year, Tesla held a special event for owners in Hong, during which CEO Elon Musk described the city as a “beacon city for EVs.” Musk also declared that for the region, the Model X would start shipping during the second half of the year.

For Tesla, Hong Kong is an important market. Since the introduction of the Model S two years ago in 2014, the U.S. firm delivered more than 2,000 Model S vehicles. Earlier this year during the event, Musk also disclosed plans for expansion in the city. The plans include more Superchargers and a new service center. Now there are 12 Supercharger locations in the city of about 400 square-miles. The automaker has three stores, one service center, and 38 Destination Charging locations in Hong Kong.

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