Tesla Helps Family Cut Power Bill By 90 Percent

Tesla Helps Family Cut Power Bill By 90 Percent
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Tesla could reduce your energy bill by 90%, claims a family of four using its solar power system. Using Tesla’s solar set-up, the family claims they have reduced their power bill by 90% from $660 to just $40.


Tesla helps cut power bill from $660 to $40

Nick Pfitzner was the first homeowner in Australia to get the Tesla Powerwall. Natural Solar installed the system in January at his property in northwestern Sydney. Last year, the family’s bill in the same quarter was about $530.92, and their summer bill was $660. This means that the daily cost of powering their five-bedroom house has fallen to just 59 cents per day from the average of almost $5 per day.

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In a blog post, Pfitzner explained that he was merely looking at the facts that suggested installing the technology was a good decision for his family.

“I’m saving about 90 per cent on my power bills. I’m making my household greener than it was, through waste reduction and buying green power,” he said. “People are interested in this technology, and want to see it in action before they commit. Hopefully this kind of real-world data … will help.”

Australian homeowners are used to surging power bills year over year, said Chris Williams, managing director of Natural Solar. Williams said that over the last 10 years, there had been an average hike of 120% nationally in electricity prices.

Full payback within seven years

Williams said it is extraordinary to see such a significant reduction as the Pfitzner family observed, but it clearly demonstrates why his company is experiencing such strong demand for their home and commercial battery storage solutions.

The Pfitzner family should expect a complete payback in six to seven years if their energy consumption remains at a similar level while also having a positive impact on the environment and adding considerable asset value to their property, Williams said. According to the energy company, solar panel solutions and the full Tesla Powerwall from Natural Solar begin at $13,590.

Their personal renewable energy solution includes a SolarEdge inverter, a 5kWp solar panel  array, the Tesla Powerwall, and bi-directional, fully integrated cloud-based monitoring software to supervise the direct output of energy from the Tesla Powerwall and the entire system. The switch has taught him a lot about consumption, said Pfitzner, and the monitoring software assists him in making informed decisions about the efficiency of other technology the family uses in their home.

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