Radiate Podcast: Scott Galloway – Writing the Entrepreneurial Check

Radiate Podcast: Scott Galloway – Writing the Entrepreneurial Check

Radiate Podcast: Scott Galloway – Writing the Entrepreneurial Check

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Published on Jul 11, 2016

This week, Scott Galloway, a man who has made it his life work to cut through the noise and speak the truth about business.  He’s the founder of several companies including L2 and Red Envelope, and a marketing professor at NYU.  In this conversation, Scott talks about the lowest moments in his career, including being broke at age 39.  He also shares his thoughts about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, which often means, writing some very big checks.  You’re going to get inspired and learn a lot, from Scott Galloway.

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0:04what defines success that’s what in entrepreneurs they’re willing to take
0:08their own money that they’ve already paid taxes on that it’s taken a long
0:12time to aggregate and put it into their own company
0:15what happens when you get knocked down everybody will know failure personally
0:19professionally doesn’t matter how cool interesting good-looking smart
0:23everybody knows professional personal failure it’s just gonna happen
0:27what makes some people radiate just to dispel some myths people will tell you
0:31do what you love
0:33all right which is total bullshit when you hear someone telling you to do what
0:36you love and follow your passion it means they are already rich
0:39the key is find something you’re good at
0:42this is radiate hi everyone and welcome to radiate the show where we interview
0:48some of the world’s most successful people to find out how they work their
0:52way to the top
0:53this week Scott Galloway founder of companies like l2 and red envelope
0:58he’s also an NYU professor of marketing now he’s made it his life’s work to cut
1:03through the noise and speak the truth about business whether it’s declaring
1:06advertising is dead or that yahoo needs to be euthanized
1:10Scott is never shy to say what is on his mind and he’s been right about many
1:15things he’s got a ton of followers who listened to his every word
1:19now in this conversation Scott talks about the lowest moment in his career

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