Russell Napier – Ben Graham Centre Value Investing 2015

Russell Napier – Ben Graham Centre Value Investing 2015

Russell Napier – Ben Graham Centre Value Investing 2015

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Published on Dec 7, 2015

Author & Founder, Electronic Research Interchange (ERIC), London, UK
Topic: Equity Valuation: inflation, deflation and mean reversion<

London Value Investor Conference: Joel Greenblatt On Value Investing In 2022

The first London Value Investor Conference was held in April 2012 and it has since grown to become the largest gathering of Value Investors in Europe, bringing together some of the best investors every year. At this year’s conference, held on May 19th, Simon Brewer, the former CIO of Morgan Stanley and Senior Adviser to Read More

0:11financial times to a comic book a cult
0:14cannot often heard movies called cult classics now from wonder what that means
0:17on a discover that what it means it’s something people talk about but don’t
0:21buy so I’m delighted to be back my my life changed and Toronto one day I went
0:28to the to the Romans have the weekend I went to the room while I bought a book
0:32that changed my life because I flapping flying around by mention North America
0:38for twenty years providing advice to institutional investors in a great
0:41reader I’m always reading a book and I think americans get quite intimidated by
0:45people who read books and nobody ever spoke to me and sort of all those years
0:49but anyway I bought this book at the Rome and suddenly I started getting on
0:53these airplanes and Americans kept coming up to me and they only said the
0:56same thing he said why you reading that and never spoke to me and then suddenly
1:02five times every flight people said why you reading that’s my first piece of
1:06advice to you is a copy of that book if you want to speak to more Americans and
1:11find out more about america by copy of that book they still sell in the in the
1:14wrong but it’s called the penguin history of Canada so there are two parts
1:22this presentation and I suspect I may not have time to do the second part but
1:27that’s fine but hopefully you’ll find the first part more important as mine
1:30also mention that run this course called a practical history of financial markets
1:34have been doing that for over 10 years I’m going to try and give you what we
1:36think are some of the propositions which derive from that course as to why equity
1:41valuations mean river and then of course I can do what it might be like my day

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