What’s Your Game? Know Your Personal Risk Limits Before Gambling [INFOHRAPHIC]

Every investor knows that different types of securities attract different types of people. People who love risk will flock to things like FOREX and commodities trading. People who detest risk will go to bonds and index funds. And, since you’re reading a website specifically about value investing, you know that there are different investment styles. Value investors love to look at the hard data instead of trusting their intuition like a growth investor might.

There’s also a social dimension to investing. Some people want to make all of the decisions themselves. Others can’t dream of making an investment decision without consulting with one or more advisors.

The same sorts of personality types can be seen among people who play games. Some like games of skill and others games of luck. Some prefer to play with others and some like solo games. Some want to risk it all and others want to play for as long as possible. It actually mirrors investment strategies quite closely.

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If you were to walk into a casino, would you know what kind of game you’d prefer to play based on your personality? Online gaming sites have to know how to attract players of different personalities to get the broadest audience. BingoMania.com has been running online gaming since 1996. They came up with an infographic to help new gamblers understand which games might suit their personalities more. Granted, it doesn’t cover all of the games you might find at a casino, but the major ones you’ll find online are all there. Online gaming is only legal in a few states, but as it spreads we’re sure to see more traditional gambling games like roulette or baccarat popping up on these sites.

What do you think? Do you agree with their choices or wonder where a particular game might fall? Let us know in the comments.

What’s Your Game? Know Your Personal Risk Limits Before Gambling

What's Your Game Know Your Personal Risk Limits Before Gambling Infographic