Video Recording Modes On BlackBerry Priv

Video Recording Modes On BlackBerry Priv
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The BlackBerry Priv is equipped with an immense camera, helping to capture some outstanding shots. But some users may not know that they have “a great deal of freedom in terms of how you use that camera,” states BlackBerry in a blog post. The smartphone maker goes on to detail multiple recording modes, and “the different things you can do with that video once recorded.”

How to record in slow-motion

To record a video with the Priv’s front facing camera, one has to open the Priv’s camera application, then tap Mode, and start recording. Images can be zoomed in or out by moving your fingers on the touch screen. There is an option for video lights that can be tapped on and off by touching on the top left corner, says the blog post. All the recording settings can be accessed through the settings menu by tapping the three dots on the top right corner. A user can also capture an image while recording by clicking on the camera mode.

BlackBerry Priv users can capture some epic moments with slow-motion video recording. While you are in the middle of using your camera app, just tap Mode and then the slow-motion button. To start the recording, tap the slow-motion recording button visible on the center of the screen, the blog post says.

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Customizing the frame rate of your BlackBerry Priv

A user can alter the frame rate and quality of the Priv’s video in a number of ways, depending on the type of scene he/she wants to capture. For example, 60 frames per second is known to be the best choice for capturing action shots, and 30 frames per second is suited for professional videos, while for films, 24 frames per second is known to be good. The resolution and quality of videos can be changed to 4k, 1080p or 720p, the blog post says.

To view different customizable options, tap the vertical three dots button visible at the top right corner of your screen and afterward tap settings. Then scroll down to the video resolutions or frame rate options, and open a dropdown menu. Tap on the video resolution or frame rate of your choice (only 24 or 30 frames per second can be selected while using 4k).

In addition, shakiness in the video recording can be minimized by enabling the new feature Enhanced video stabilization. Grid lines can also be added to the camera feature, thus allowing you to frame videos more effectively, BlackBerry explains.

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