Why Private Storage Is The Best Way To Store Precious Metals

Why Private Storage Is The Best Way To Store Precious Metals bt Larisa Sprott, Sprott Money

Until I started working in the precious metals industry, metals storage always conjured up images of an old man sleeping on his stacks of gold and silver hidden under his mattress or burying his assets in his backyard. I also thought that big secure vaults like we see in the movies were only for the uber-wealthy. However, as I have come to learn, everyday investors have much better ways to protect their assets – private storage, which is accessible to us all.

In the past, governments have been known to seize gold and silver bullion when the economy has taken a turn for the worse, like during the Great Depression when gold was seized from thousands of bank safety deposit boxes in the U.S. Our storage program allows you to protect your investment in safe and privately-owned storage facilities around the world. While you can choose to diversify your investments and store with banks, private storage gives you a safe, secure way to keep your wealth protected.

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We carefully choose the countries we store in to ensure that they have sound economies and stable government policies. By doing our due diligence by visiting, negotiating with the facilities, and meeting with the storage teams, we are able to determine the best places to store in the world. We are always looking for other countries to help our clients diversify their investments.

Low-cost storage is the name of the game when it comes to precious metals and Sprott Money. Sprott Money has the most competitive storage pricing in the industry. We partner with Brinks, Strategic Wealth Protection, and International Deposit Services, just to name a few, in order to offer storage with respected and trusted companies for a low monthly cost.

I personally love our storage program because of the satisfaction and peace of mind it gives our clients. You can choose to audit your metals whenever you like and you will receive an annual audit certificate by Inspectorate (a world-renowned third party auditor). This ensures you know that your gold and silver are safe.

We’re seeing steady growth and hope to see even more over the coming year. Open a storage account with us, and you’ll get access to exclusive deals and promos.

Stay tuned for some exciting promotions with our favourite mints, and check out our precious metals international storage program here.

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