Pokemon Go Servers Up Or Down? How To Find Out

Pokemon Go Servers Up Or Down? How To Find Out
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If you’re one of those who in the last week or two have found a new master called Pokemon Go, then you must hate it when the Game crashes or you can’t play for some reason? Fortunately, mainly because of the sheer success of the game. There are many people out there looking to provide ways to help Pokemon Go players to stay logged on and Catching them all! However, what if you keep trying to log on and can’t, what if there’s an overload on the system or hackers have brought it down, how can you find out?

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Datadog to the Rescue

Fortunately, if you keep trying to log on and can’t there is a way for you to find out what the problem is. And this is thanks to the good people over at a New York-based cloud monitoring company called Datadog. They have put together a new website, which monitors the Pokemon Go servers and provides a status page. This page will tell you if the games servers are down or not or suffering from some kind of temporary outage in real-time.

Before I forget you can visit the site it’s called is PokemonGoDownOrNot.com, let’s hope that you don’t have to visit it too often.

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How it Works

Whilst this is a really good if you’re a Pokemon Go player, I’m more curious as to how the actual server tracker works. And according to Datadog, the site logs into Pokemon Go every 30 seconds using a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Whilst doing this it manages to record the response time of the Pokemon Go servers, and if the login takes more than a what seems like a pulled from the air 15 seconds it assumes that the servers are somewhere close to their capacity and will more than likely go down sooner rather than later.

As for the tool itself, it does seem to be useful and it could be worth checking it out if you have planned a day out Pokemon hunting with friends. After all, there’s nothing worse than making plans and then finding out you have to call them off a short notice!

Final Thoughts

OK, before I share my opinion, let me tell you that I am not an avid Pokemon Go player. I have the game on my phone but do not intend to get drawn into it like many of my friends and acquaintances have done.

As for the tool created by Datadog, I think it does a great job of monitoring the servers. However, are there many more services like it that continually log on to the servers and take up valuable bandwidth? Could services like these contribute to the amount of time the Pokemon Go is down? Personally, I don’t know the answer, but if the creators of Pokemon Go have created their own server information service, why is there a need for a third-party solution?

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