Netflix, Inc. To Stream CBS’ New Star Trek Series Globally

Netflix will go truly international by streaming CBS’ upcoming Star Trek series exclusively in 188 countries. Each episode of the series will be aired globally within 24 hours of its premier in the U.S., the streaming giant announced on Monday. 

Terms of the deal

One point that must be noted is that this new series will not be available on Netflix in the U.S. and Canada. Instead, the series will be on aired on CBS’ paid streaming service, CBS All Access, in the U.S. and Bell Media in Canada.

Also, with the deal, the streaming giant gets all 727 episodes of previous Star Trek series like Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Enterprise. The collection will be made available to subscribers by the end of this year on Netflix, Bell Media and All Access.

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CBS’ broadcast network will first premier the new series in January, and then it ill be on All Access after that. The all-new series will enter production in Toronto in September. The iconic series is making a return to television for the first time since 2005. It will be an all-new series with new missions, new characters and a new ship, but it will embrace the same ideology.

A big win for Netflix and Star Trek

Star Trek is presently celebrating its 50th anniversary, and it has been a standout among the best establishments. It has been among the most successful franchises in pop culture history in terms of merchandising, television shows and film series. With help from Netflix, the series will now be able to reach more and more viewers worldwide, and in return, the streaming giant will benefit by acquiring the well-known brand of Star Trek.

According to Armando Nunez, CEO of CBS Studios, “The launch of new “Star Trek” will truly be a global Television event.”

Star Trek is a global phenomenon, and the partnership with Netflix will help in getting more viewers across the world, Nunez said. The streaming giant will give viewers the opportunity to see every episode of the Star Trek series virtually at the same time as viewers in the U.S.

“Thanks to our world-class partners at Netflix, the new ‘Star Trek’ will definitely be ‘hailing on all frequencies’ throughout the planet,” said Nunez.