Tax on meat suggested to combat climate change

Tax on meat suggested to combat climate change

Tax on meat suggested to combat climate change
Duc-Quang Nguyen
Jul 12, 2016 – 15:35

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Despite the Swiss eating less meat, environmentalists say there is more room for cutting the Swiss appetite for meat products – a move that would help lower the planet’s temperature.

Swiss meat consumption fell last year as consumers lost their appetite in particular for horse, veal and beef. But federal figures in 2016 show that per-capita consumption of meat dropped just 1.3kg between 2007 and 2013, to less than 60kg per person per year.

Switzerland should take steps to strengthen that trend, say environmentalists, who link production of meat to the production of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

A landmark UN report in 2010 called for a global shift toward less consumption of animal protein to help reduce poverty and fight climate change. More recently, UN experts have recommended a tax on meat production.

Greenpeace’s Georg Klingler said he would favour a 20% to 30% meat tax, the free daily newspaper 20 Minuten reported on Tuesday. Philip Gehri of WWF said even a small tax – for meat and other products – could make a big difference by helping consumer habits become more planet friendly over the long term.

How does Switzerland compare to other countries? takes a look at meat consumption around the world.


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  1. The children we we eagerly march into the greenhouse gas ovens are asking;

    If science doesn’t need to say their CO2 end of days is as real as they say smoking causes cancer then what else is stopping another 35 MORE years of climate action delay, debate and global disbelief? They say it’s real that the planet isn’t flat but only 99% sure CO2 “could” flatten it?

    Will they say it before it’s too late to say it?

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