Matte Black Model 3 Is Tesla’s Best Looking Car Yet [PHOTOS]

Matte Black Model 3 Is Tesla’s Best Looking Car Yet [PHOTOS]

Tesla unveiled its new Model 3 a few months back to much applause and appreciation. The electric car company’s cheapest model yet, Tesla hopes that the Model 3 will help revolutionize the electric-powered vehicle market, making its products more accessible to the everyday person.

When it was first unveiled, the Model 3 was showcased in a few models with varying colors and a few different rim designs. While the silver and red models are certainly quite sexy, the real head-turner was the matte black Model 3 prototype.

Matte black model making it to production?

Since the demand and interest for the matte black Model 3 was so unexpectedly high, once pre-orders got underway, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, took to Twitter to declare that the design would most likely make it into production.

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As deliveries on the vehicle are planned to roll out in late 2017, it will be quite some time until we see this sexy beast of a car on the roads. However, given Tesla’s penchant for delaying the release dates of their vehicles, future Model 3 owners might want to take this information with a grain of salt.

In the past couple weeks, new photos of the matte black Model 3 have surfaced, and one can see what the high levels of interest are all about. The hype is real, this is one incredible-looking vehicle. Half supercar and half bat mobile, the matte black Model 3 is utterly, jaw-droppingly beautiful.

A bit more love necessary

Drivers should keep in mind, however, that matte finished require higher levels of care than gloss finished. The matte effect comes from the textured surface of the clear coat that forms as it dries. Any damage or wear on the surface creates obvious blemishes that need to be buffed out immediately, or they will not go away. Therefore, owners need to apply and maintain a protective coat specifically designed for matte finishes in order to keep the coat looking pristine.

While the coat may require a bit more tender love and care, it is obviously totally worth it. One look at this electric-powered people-mover and it is hard not to fall absolutely in love. One can only hope that Tesla maintains its late-2017 production timeline.

And for anyone who wants just a little bit more, feast your eyes upon this video (captured just a few weeks ago) which features footage of a black matte Model 3 cruising down a highway in Palo Alto.