Longboard Funds – What’s Trending Now?

Longboard Funds – What’s Trending Now?

What’s Trending Now? by Stephen Scott

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Longboard Funds’ portfolio managers are long-term trend followers, so we make decisions solely based on a disciplined, rules-based process.

But we often get questions from you about how current events potentially relate to certain long-term trends.

Morningstar Investment Conference: Gabelli Funds On Where To Invest Amid Inflation

InflationNumerous news headlines have trumpeted major concerns about inflation, which has been at 40-year highs. But how should investors handle inflation as it pertains to their portfolios? At the Morningstar Investment Conference on Monday, Kevin Dreyer, co-CIO of Gabelli Funds, outlined some guidelines for investing in the age of inflation. Historic inflation Dreyer started by Read More

Below is our team’s bi-weekly dive into the details.


  • Reserves increased by 1.1 million barrels due to U.S. production increase
  • Oversupply concerns due to resumption of output from fracking and oil sands
  • Demand forecast for 2016 down almost 1 million barrels

down-arrowJapanese Equities

  • Stronger demand for yen hurting equities
  • Markets pricing in 10 trllion yen stimulus package since Abe re-election
  • Bank of Japan confirmed no intention to implement helicopter money

down-arrowEuropean Equities

  • Growth concerns due to Brexit and high debt levels of PIIGS
  • Banks under continued pressure from low interest rates
  • Italian banks dragging markets lower


  • USDA reporting production cuts for 2016 and 2017
  • Tight supply globally, especially China and India
  • Global trade forecast for 2016-2017 raised by 1 million bales


  • Low interest rates forcing investors to seek alternative sources of yield
  • REITs have considerably less leverage than pre-crisis levels
  • U.S. Fed less likely to raise rates this year


  • Low interest rates forcing investors to seek alternative sources of yield
  • Low volatility attractive in uncertain economic environment
  • Sector has stable revenue streams, is highly regulated

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