LIVE – Police Being Gunned Down At Dallas Protest; FIVE Dead

LIVE – Police Being Gunned Down At Dallas Protest; FIVE Dead
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UPDATE – One police has been confirmed dead by DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) three others shot non life threatening -more and much worse… Dallas local media says ten officers have been shot and three are dead, two are critical – snipers targeted the police. Reports are that there are two suspects who are wearing body armor masks, and are using assault rifles.

Four Deaths Confirmed 11th officer shot in downtown Dallas in exchange of gunfire with a suspect – chief

Dallas police chief says a 12th person – a civilian – was also shot and injured in downtown Dallas

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Dallas police said they had three suspects in custody following the shootings, which started when at least two people opened fire with rifles on police who were in the demonstration area at 8.45pm on Thursday.  A fourth suspect exchanged gunfire with police in a tense, hours long standoff with police overnight, but that confrontation ended early Friday morning

David Brown, the Dallas police chief, described the shootings as an “ambush-style” attack, and said those responsible appeared to have “planned to injure and kill as many officers as they could”.  “(They were) working together with rifles, triangulating at elevated positions in different points in the downtown area where the march ended up going


Dallas Police chief believes suspects may have planted a bomb in the downtown area:

There were protests all over the countries tonight over what many believe is excessive police force against unarmed citizens. This is an issue I personally have discussed years ago and before it “was cool unfortunately, it has now become a front page news item after some high profile killings in which many situations the police killed unarmed citizens with possible little or no justification. Right now things are really spiraling out of control.

One protest was planned tonight in Dallas by the Black Lives Matter activists – the protest was mostly peaceful until moments ago there were reports of a shooter (possibly two) armed with an assault rifle started gunning down police. The details are Murky but RIGHT NOW: FOX NEWS REPORTS 3-6 POLICE OFFICERS DOWN IN DALLAS, TEXAS.

Here are some of the reactions on social media to the police shootings.

Stay tuned for live updates on the violence and for details on what is happening right now in Dallas, Texas.

Live feeds from major media outlets on the latest from Dallas below

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