Apple Enables Live Broadcasting Support In iOS 10 Beta

Apple Enables Live Broadcasting Support In iOS 10 Beta
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Apple promised at the WWDC event in June that its new mobile operating system would offer live broadcasting support for apps and games. And the company has enabled the functionality with the iOS 10 developer beta 2 and public beta 1. Apple had introduced ReplayKit framework at WWDC that supports live streaming and saving videos for later viewing or sharing.

Swift Playgrounds first iOS 10 app to support the feature

Live broadcasting technology was found in Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app for the iPad, according to Reddit user coldplayer42. Until now, ReplayKit allowed for only in-app recordings for later viewing or sharing. But now an extended menu in the Swift Playgrounds – the first app to support the feature – offers a Broadcast Live option. Selecting that option lets you pick apps that allow broadcasting.

Users will be allowed to choose between various apps for live broadcasting. Redditors reported that they were already able to stream games like Asphalt 8 through the new feature using Twitch and YouTube Gaming. However, they indicated that the new live broadcasting functionality will be available only on 64-bit devices. It means anything older than the iPhone 5S or iPad Air may not get this feature.

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You can now live broadcast your gameplay

What does all this mean? Well, it means app/game developers can now choose to add support for updated ReplayKit in their apps/games. And gamers will be able to live stream their gaming to friends and family in real-time. YouTube Gaming and Twitch already let you do that. According to images posted on Reddit, the Broadcast Live option appeared in the Swift Playgrounds app only when it was installed on iOS 10 developer beta 2. It wasn’t there in the app on iOS 10 beta 1.

The final version of iOS 10 will be rolled out to consumers in September with the release of the iPhone 7. Apple is expected to add and test different features over the course of several beta releases.

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