ISIS Could Use Pokemon Go To Kill Christians, Warns Pastor

While the world is loving the latest gaming sensation Pokemon Go, a right-wing Christian pastor has warned that “demonic powers” like ISIS could use Pokemon Go to murder Christians and spawn demons. According to the Right Wing WatchTruNews host Rick Wiles told the audience on his radio program how he called the police last week when he saw a man taking pictures of his office building.

Pokemon creatures are like cyber demons

Officers told Wiles that the middle-aged man was simply playing the augmented reality game. The pastor has frequently warned of a looming apocalypse. Wiles said in a recent episode of TruNews, “These Pokémon creatures are, like, virtual cyber demons—digital demons.” He was concerned that terrorists could exploit the information collected by the app to attack Christians.

The pastor imagined how Pokemon Go could be used to spawn Satanic demons. He asked, “What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists, and Islamic jihadists have an app that shows them where Christians are located geographically?” He went on to add that the Satan was targeting churches with these “cyber-demons.” He believes the popular gaming app is a “magnet for demonic powers.”

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Pokemon Go could be used to execute Christians

It may not necessarily have to be terrorists. Even everyday Americans could be tricked into doing the sinister bidding for these virtual demons. At some point, the “Pokemon powers” may start telling people to “kill people in those buildings” to capture more Pokemon. It will be used by the Islamic jihadists to “target, locate and execute Christians.” Nintendo probably didn’t know that its wildly popular game could be an existential threat to Christianity.

The pastor also compared Pokemon Go to the Facebook Live broadcast that led to the shooting of Philando Castile by a police officer. Wiles said it was just one example of how technology could alter reality. Anyway, there is an unintended side effect of Pokemon Go – it may help lose your weight.