iPhone On Carpet: Can You Spot It? [PHOTO] – We Have A Tip!

iPhone On Carpet: Can You Spot It? [PHOTO] – We Have A Tip!
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Everyone loves a challenge, and this viral photo has been driving the denizens of the internet wild.

On many occasions we drop something on the floor and it is difficult to see where it landed. This might be due to a trick of the light, or the fact that the object is a similar color to the floor. However this iPhone is difficult to find because it fell onto a floral carpet while housed in a floral case.

Try to spot the iPhone hidden on this floral carpet

Take a look at the image for yourself to try and spot it. It may well send you mad if you are anything like me.

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Even if you can spot it, the image goes to show how strangely the human eye can be confused. It certainly seems to have fascinated the internet, and the original post on Facebook now has over150,000 reactions, 79 comments, and over 20,441 shares.

The post was initially created by Jeya May Cruz from the Philippines. Many of the comments on the post are in Filipino, but it looks like many people are struggling to spot the phone.

TIP: It’s On The Right Side Of The Photo.

Cruz is undoubtedly inundated with friend requests and messages, and may well have thrown the now famous iPhone out of the window in order to stop the incessant pinging of notifications.

Viral phenomenon follows on from dress photo

Every so often one of these images goes viral online, and it seems to be the only thing that people are talking about. Although it has had stiff competition from the furore surrounding Pokemon GO, this picture has certainly captured the imagination.

However it is not nearly as popular as the picture which asked you to look at a dress and say whether it looked blue or gold. The dress looked different colors to different people due to evolution of our eyes and brain.

Predictably enough the internet was soon divided into two aggressive camps, with thousands of comments flying back and forth. So far the iPhone hasn’t caused such controversy, and it is probably just as well it hasn’t.

Crash photo goes viral this week

This week another photo went viral after internet users claimed that the image of a fatal crash showed the victim’s spirit leaving his body. A motorcycle rider was involved in an accident which unfortunately led to the loss of his life, and truck driver Saul Vazquez took the photo on his phone as he drove past.

“I took this picture just a few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between campon and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway,” Vasquez wrote. “Zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay.”

It certainly looks as though a human-shaped shadow is hovering in the middle of the image, and it’s a pretty scary sight. The internet is full of viral posts, and some of the most popular involve supernatural events.

Another viral video surfaced this week which shows a swing in a children’s playground apparently moving by itself. The cameraman claims that there is no wind, and the other swings are not moving at all. However one swing continues to rock back and forth, making the man and his kids stay in their car rather than going out to play.

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