Intel Corporation Hires YouTube Stars For Conflict Free Ads

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Intel signed on three YouTube influencers to “Unbox” its commitment of using only Conflict-free (CF) and alternative minerals to make its processors. This take of Intel signifies greater economic and safety opportunities for miners in the Congo, and consumers also feel better about the products inside their electronic devices.

Intel starts a global campaign

Teresa Herd, VP and global creative director at Intel, kicked off a campaign to educate consumers about the source of the materials in smartphones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. The campaign is also expected to raise awareness among consumer product goods manufacturers, which may not know about the inconveniences in Africa.

Agency Inside, Intel’s internal creative agency that focuses on telling brand stories, made the video series. This three-video series is just the beginning of a global Conflict-Free awareness campaign, Herd stated.

Intel explains that the parts being put in numerous devices are prepared with resources that are from the mines in the Congo, where innocent people are being regularly threatened by warlords, who in turn makes millions of dollars by trading the materials.

A year ago, Intel assured consumers it would use the brand called “CF Materials” to manufacture its processors. This means that the company manufactures its products with tin rather than lead, tantalum instead of solid state capacitors, tungsten for integrated circuits, and gold for pins.

Videos designed specifically for YouTube

“We partnered with three unboxers — Unbox Therapy, Linus Tech Tips and Joanne Tech Lover — and asked them to film an unboxing video and post it online,” said Herd. “None of them knew what was inside the box.” During the Unboxing process, the three were also able to learn about Intel’s CF program.

The very first video of this three-part series was launched with Unbox Therapy. The next one was launched with Linus Sebastian on July 25. Sebastian is known for creating and hosting the tech ordinate show Linus Tech Tips.

The three YouTube influencers that the chip maker has signed will post the videos directly to their YouTube pages. Apart from this, the chip maker is taking on many initiatives to promote the “Conflict Free” campaign on its social media channels to reach a more diverse audience “that may have not heard about it through these influencer’s channels,” said Herd. The “Unboxing Videos” are specially designed for YouTube channels and are so precise to the medium that running them on TV wouldn’t be authentic, the executive said.

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