Global Bond Investors: Take A Look At Dodge & Cox?

Published on Mar 18, 2016
Although Dodge & Cox Global Bond has lagged recently, management has a long and successful track record of outperformance at other funds.

0:01dodging Cox global bond is run by an experienced team that also manages gold
0:09rated dodging Cox income this one falls into the World Bank category and
0:14investors a three to five year time horizon in mind it also focuses on
0:18income as an important component of total return the fund invests primarily
0:23in corporate sovereign and securitized assets in developed and emerging markets
0:28most of the assets are invested in investment-grade rated bonds though the
0:33fund can and does hold junk rated securities managers can also keep
0:37currency positions on edged the fun was incubated at the firm in 2012 and
0:43officially launched in late 2014 the recent selloff in emerging market bonds
0:48has hurt this funds near-term performance but investors should not
0:51lose sight of the fact that this team has a long and successful track record
0:55of picking bands at outperform over the long term the fund’s expense ratio is
1:00also among the lowest in its peer group for investors looking for a world bond
1:05fund this is one to keep on your radar

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