Do You Talk About Money?

Do You Talk About Money? by Carl Richards, Behavior Gap

Talking About Money, Part 1

In many countries and cultures, we’ve been taught to NOT talk about money. But it’s so important that we break that taboo because failing to talk about money means we often fail to align our use of capital with what we say is most important to us. This is part one in my series, Talking About Money.

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Talking About Money, Part 2

At the core of helping people make good decisions with money is helping people get clear about their values and goals. I realize that no one comes in your office asking for that kind of help. In this episode, I’ll walk through why it’s so important to make sure this kind of conversation happens with your clients.

Talking About Money, Part 3

How do you have good, healthy conversations around money? In today’s episode, I’ll cover the conversations we have as advisors with clients and the conversations we have about our own finances. As real financial advisors, the things we learn, both in our work and with our own finances, creates a valuable feedback loop we can learn from.

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Talking About Mone