Apple Testing Google’s Tech To Speed Up Safari

Apple Testing Google’s Tech To Speed Up Safari
ElisaRiva / Pixabay

Apple’s Safari browser included in macOS Sierra and iOS 10 is testing WebP, which is Google’s technology for getting webpages to load quickly. As the WebP was built into Chrome in 2013 at build 32, it is not unproven.

Useful tech

WebP is also used by Facebook due to its image compression underpinnings. The technology is also used across many Google properties, including YouTube. The only holdout for WebP is Microsoft, which never included it in Internet Explorer and has no plans to work it into Edge, according to CNET.

Facebook embraced WebP after it found that the images are 25% to 35% smaller than a JPEGs, which is the most common format. Google uses WebP extensively, and its YouTube web page loads 10% quicker by using WebP thumbnails. Smaller file sizes use less data, so they help users stop bumping against their monthly limits on mobile phone data use.

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