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FT Festival Of Finance: Interview With Pettis, Keen, Others

Alex White Interview From The FT Festival Of Finance by Anthony Doyle, Bond Vigilantes

Didn’t make it to the FT Festival of Finance? We interviewed Pettis, Keen, White and Leaviss for their views.

A few of the M&G bond team recently attended the FT’s Festival of Finance. Known as the Glastonbury of the Financial World, M&G’s Anthony Doyle brought a camera crew along and interviewed a number of speakers on the day, including Michael Pettis (China expert), Steve Keen (of “Debunking Economics” fame), Alex White (political pundit from The Economist) and our own Jim Leaviss. Watch the upcoming videos to find out which expert thinks the Eurozone won’t exist in ten years, who climbed the highest mountain in Australia because they lost a bet on house prices, and who thinks that Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Alex White Interview From The FT Festival Of Finance

Alex White
Image source: YouTube