Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

Cyber-security is a clear and present danger and it appears no one is immune to it. Over the weekend, Facebook CEO and (co?) founder, Mark Zuckerberg, saw his LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts briefly hacked by a group called OurMine Team. While a touch embarrassing, Zuckerberg can take some comfort in the fact that they didn’t gain access to either his Facebook account or (Facebook owned) Instagram.

Zuckerberg certainly qualifies as a high-profile target

On Sunday, the OurMine Team won a small victory by gaining access to a number of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts. While certainly a public relations coup for the group, it begs the question, “Do you really want Mark Zuckerberg as your enemy?” I’m not calling Mr. Zuckerberg a ruthless bastard that could give James Bond a run for his money but what’s the point of having that many billions and not having the ability to have someone killed with a simple hand gesture or other worked out signal?

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If nothing else, he certainly has a few engineers, coders, hackers, etc. at his disposal to say nothing of those that would like to work from Facebook and would happily go after the group for free with the potential for a job.I, for one, don’t really see the utility in angering one of the most powerful people on the planet but I digress….

OurMine team had about 40,000 following them on Twitter but following the attack and the defacing of Zuckerberg’s pages, that account has been suspended.

The website Engadget was able to capture a few screenshots of the defaced pages prior to Zuckerberg’s people, presumably, regaining control.

TechCrunch reports that access to Zuck’s Instagram account was attempted but security controls on the Facebook owned property prevented access.

LinkedIn attack gains new life

It’s quite possible that the attack on his LinkedIn account was related to the data dump that appeared last month following a hack that occurred in 2012. That hack gave anyone with a few bitcoins “lying around” access to a tremendous amount of data that could be used to go after a whole lot more given the amount of data that was dumped. (Is it just me or does it seem silly that Mark Zuckerberg has a LinkedIn account as if he’s looking for a job in the near future? You would think that “I’m Mark Zuckerberg” would be considerably more effective in securing employment than a CV)

The OurMine Team was not quiet with regards to the LeakedIn breach when they tweeted from Zuckerberg’s account (@finkd) “Hey @finkd , you were in Linkedin Database.” Additionally, the group that will soon see prison or worse (if I’m right and Zuckerberg deserves respect) posted Zuckerberg’s password for his LinkedIn account.

There are not many people who use different email addresses for each social media platform they use and it appears that one of the world’s richest men is no different. The attack does, however, serve as a real-world reminder to all that reusing passwords is not the best of ideas. If you’re using the same password in multiple places, well, it only takes one domino to fall doesn’t it?

Let’s be clear, Zuckerberg doesn’t use LinkedIn and hasn’t sent a tweet in years, but it shows that a busy guy is as silly as many of us by using the same passwords for multiple sites. And once again, it’s nothing more than an hour of control and a world of hurt.

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